Production Process Of A Towel | Quality Control in Towel Manufacturing

Process Of A Towel Manufacturing:

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The towels that are fundamental for our washrooms are utilized many occasions each day, however, not many of us know how they are made. In this article, we quickly clarify the excursion of the towel from the fields to the restrooms. 

The initial step of the towel venture is the creation of yarn from the crude material. Notwithstanding high water retention and delicate properties, cotton is commonly utilized in towel creation, with properties, for example, shading speed and toughness. Notwithstanding, the cloth is likewise a favored fiber. To build the toughness and shading splendor of cotton, polyester was likewise utilized in towel creation by mixing with cotton. 

The cotton generally reasonable for weaving is created in manufacturing plants, the yarn and towel after a progression of cycles, for example, winding, distorting, estimating, drawing, and weft weaving. The creation cycle proceeds with the coloring cycle of the fabrics acquired by weaving the base and the bark. After the coloring cycle, which is mostly completed in the wake of weaving, it goes through the assembling cycle and a towel is presently prepared for use. The yarns are infrequently woven in the wake of coloring. Towels created thusly are called yarn-colored towels. Notwithstanding, as this is a cost-expanding factor, the coloring cycle is typically left to the following stage. At last, the sewing cycle finishes up the towel producing measure. Rather than other seashore towels, printed or yarn-colored towels can likewise be created notwithstanding the coloring. Even though yarn-colored towels last more, they are frequently not favored on account of their significant expense. In seashore towels, the ball stain procedure is regularly liked. Seashore towels are regularly colored and printed utilizing the ball stain procedure. In the creation of velour towels, which vary from the standard towel creation, the towels are sliced in terry to keep them upstanding. Aside from these towels, they are designed during the weaving cycle and delivered as Jacquard towels with their structures. 

Towels are currently accessible in a wide range of plans. Different towels woven at the closures, towels with bordure. The build-up free weaving of an aspect of the towel prompts structure contrasts that offer the customer numerous prospects. 

Quality Control in Towel Making:

Quality control is an essential piece of material preparation. Quality control is a lot of significant if there should be an occurrence of fare arranged material enterprises. In towel producing wet handling, the lab assumes a crucial job in the quality control of wet preparing division. During playing out my Project Work we have done a viable examination in the wet preparing lab of Asian Towels (BD) Ltd. (Unit-2) for about fourteen days. In this plant, there is a well prepared wet handling lab. In this lab chiefly four kinds of tests are performed. 

  1. Tests for assurance of the agreeableness of synthetic concoctions for their proposed purposes. 
  2. Tests for assurance of a few physical properties of the material. 
  3. Tests for assurance of the nature of the completed materials. 
  4. Tests for assurance of the number of colors and synthetic substances required for a specific request. 

At the point when another request is discovered; at that point, the plan of the number of colors and synthetics is set up in the wet handling lab. As indicated by the formula from the outset lab coloring is finished. On the off chance that the acquired shed is alright, at that point test coloring is done on the floor. During test coloring, various alternatives are set up by marginally adjusting the number of colors and synthetics. The example is sent to the purchaser for endorsement. Purchaser favors any of the various choices. At long last, the formula of the affirmed test is taken for mass creation. 

Quality Control in Towel Manufacturing
Production Process Of A Towel | Quality Control in Towel Manufacturing

After creation, the mass is tried in the wet handling lab to discover wheatear the completed items are affirming the imperative quality or not. 

The instruments utilized in the coloring lab are enrolled howl with their motivations: 

1. Small scale Wave Oven: 

Utilized for drying tests. It dries any example by utilizing small scale waves. 

2. Thermostatic Water Bath: 

Utilized for extraction test. The examples are kept in Wing Bottle and are warmed at the required temperature by this instrument. 

3. Tear quality analyzer: 

Utilized for testing the tear quality of the test (towel). 

4. Vessel Meter: 

Utilized for testing the scouring speed of the test. 

5. PH Meter: 

Utilized for testing the PH of any arrangement. The PH meter is adjusted from the outset by utilizing standard arrangement. At that point, the sensor is dribbled into the arrangement that is PH ought to be tried and the perusing of PH appears on the presentation. 

6. Hot Air stove: 

Utilized for drying tests by utilizing hot air. 

7. Sponginess Tester: 

Utilized for testing the water sponginess of the towel. 

8. Shading Fastness Tester: 

This instrument is utilized for three particular tests. These are: 

  • Shading Fastness To Wash. 
  • Shading Fastness To Perspiration. 
  • Phenolic Yellowing Test. This test is done to discover the nearness of the perilous part in the poly pack. 

9. Wavering Dyeing M/C 

Utilized for lab coloring in exhaust measure. 

Likewise utilized for evaluation of shading speed to wash. 

10. Spring: 

Utilized for warming water at a wanted temperature that is utilized for different tests. It is furnished with independent funnels for feed and conveyance of water. As it is mounted at a more significant level so boiling water can undoubtedly be provided because of gravity power. 

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11. Even Padding Mangle: 

It is a lab coloring m/c of cold cushion type. In this m/c the cushioning rollers remain evenly; hence it is called Horizontal Padding Mangle. This m/c is utilized for test coloring. For coloring any example from the start the disfigure is washed with water. At that point, the color of alcohol is washed up. At that point towel test goes through the alcohol and then through the pressing rollers. At that point, the example is kept secured with a polybag for 12 hrs. At that point, the alcohol is depleted out and the m/c is washed again with water. 

The Horizontal Padding Mangle is likewise utilized for pressing any wet example. 

12. Wash O-Meter: 

Utilized for evaluating shading quickness to nonchlorine dye. 

13. AATCC Washer: 

Utilized for washing any example. 

Additionally utilized for drying tests in tumbling measure. 

14. AATCC Dryer: 

Utilized for drying tests. It dries the given example in tumbling measure in relationship with hot air. 

Additionally utilized for build-up test. 

15. Rigidity Tester: 

It is utilized for testing the rigidity of the test. The Grab Test Principle is utilized in this m/c. 

16. Prmeableness Tester: 

Permeableness Tester is utilized to test the sponginess of the given example (towel). 

17. Hardness Test Kit:

It is utilized for testing the level of hardness in water. The hardness of water assumes a significant job in wet handling. It must be lies within the alluring level for acquiring an attractive impact after wet preparation. 


  • For hardness tests from the start, 5 ml of water is taken in the test measuring glass. 
  • At that point, 5 drops of support arrangement are added to it. 
  • At that point, 1 drop of the pointer is included. 
  • At that point titration of the readied arrangement is finished with EDTA arrangement. The necessary measure of EDTA's answer for doing the titration shows the hardness of the water. 

18. Iron Test Kit: 

The nearness of iron in water is perilous to the coloring strategy. So the iron test is done to discover the nearness of iron in the water. 


  • From the outset, 10 ml of water is taken in the test measuring glass. 
  • At that point, one bundle of suggested powder is included with the water and unsettled appropriately. 
  • At that point, the water is taken in the hardness test unit. It is a rectangular vessel containing a scale imprinted on its surface for demonstrating hardness. 

19. Smoke Hood: 

This m/c is utilized for testing various properties of colors and synthetic substances. 

20. LightBox Area: 

It is utilized for discovering the deviation of the shed between the clump and reference. Here a colored example is checked in the particular light suggested by the purchaser. The colored example is put on the perception board that slants at 45o point. At that point, it is contrasted either and reference texture or with reference Pantone no. in the suggested light source outwardly. 

The accompanying light sources are typically suggested by the purchasers: 

  • D-65 
  • TL-84 
  • UL-35 
  • UL-30 
  • CWF

But the enrolled instruments, numerous other basic instruments that are utilized in a science lab; are likewise utilized in wet handling lab. Those are enrolled cry: 

  • Beaker
  • Burette
  • Pipette 
  • Glass Rod 
  • Test Tube 
  • Computerized Balance
  • Dedicator 

Standard Test Methods Used For Terry Towel Testing:

Standard Test Methods Used For Terry Towel Testing:

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